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 [TOOL] NeXTreme's Editor Tools - V1.10

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PostSubject: [TOOL] NeXTreme's Editor Tools - V1.10   Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:05 am

Originally Posted By -|TG|-NeXTreme

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Download
2.1. Automatic updater
3. Installation
4. User guide
4.1. Interface
4.2. Building tools
4.3. Editing tools
4.4. Testing tools
4.5. Scripting tools
5. Changelog

1. Introduction

I started with this project nearly 6 months ago. At first, it was just a small script for personal use, never meant to be released to public. However, I decided to turn it into a fully-functional resource. The goal was to create a universal "tool", which includes everything you may need to make working with editor easier. As you know, we have Bauss's mapping toolbox for creating tracks, Puma markers for scripting, and a bunch of other resources that provide extra features & easier use of the editor. Now that can easily stack up to 5 different scripts you need to start each time, and every resource has it's own control interface, etc... With the Editor Tools, you have a bunch of mapping resources all bundled up for easy access.

The resource is still in it's early developement stages, so if you spot an issue, make sure to report it so it can be fixed!

NeXTreme's Editor Tools Bugtracker: http://www.tg-mta.net/netools/

2. Download

Latest version - v1.10

Download from MediaFire

2.1. Automatic updater

Version 1.10+ includes an automatic updater. If a new version is available for download, a message will appear inside of MTA. With a simple click of a button you can update the resource to the latest available version.

3. Installation

Getting the resource to work is pretty straightforward.
It's recommended that your server is stopped while you do this, to avoid any problems. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Extract the folder from the downloaded .rar file, and place it in the "resources" folder (usually C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.3\mods\server\resources\)
2. Open the server's acl.xml (MTA San Andreas 1.3\server\mods\deatchmatch\)
3. Press Ctrl + F and search for:
<right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="false"></right>
4. Change the parameter "access" to "true", so it should look like that:Code: [Select]
<right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects" access="true"></right>
5. Start up your server, join the game and log in (you will need admin)
6. Type '/start netools' in chat

If the resource was started successfully, you will see a fancy message appear in the chatbox, and a logo image will be displayed on your screen for a few seconds.

If nothing happened, try using the command '/refresh' (only necessary if your server was running while you added the resource), then try to start the resource again.

4. User guide

4.1. Interface

Navigation toolbar - All tools are organized for easier access. Use this navigation bar to switch between different toolkits.
Navigation arrows - Switch between tools in a currently selected toolkit. Move between them forward & backward, respectively.
Clear preview - Instantly delete the preview objects created by the generators.
Undo last track - Deletes the last generated track. Undo is player-based, which means you can only undo tracks that you made. This way, other players cannot accedentially delete your work.

4.2. Building tools

All building tools will generate a "preview track" (that's the transparent-looking track). This way it's easy to check out the track before you make it, so you don't have to constantly undo the track if you don't like it. Note that the track will only be created once you press the "Duplicate!" button or the "Go" button in the loop & wallride generator.

The loop and wallride generators are based off Bauss's Mapping Toolbox, and work pretty much the same. There have been a few more options added to improve the functionality (like support for all objects).

Object duplicator

Select two objects you wish to replicate, enter the desired amount of copies to be made, and click "Duplicate!". Pretty straightforward to use.

Loop generator & wallride generator

The interface is almost the same for both loop generator & wallride generator

The Position and Rotation fields will hold the coordinates of starting position & rotation. If you wish to copy them directly from an already created object, click on the Select object button, then click an object within the editor.

Pieces is the number of object to use in one loop.

Offset is the distance between the first and last created object.

Loops will denote the amount of enclosed loops to make. If you wanted something like a half-pipe, you could also put 0.5 loops here.

Direction is used for specifying in which way the loop should be built.

Object ID is the ID of the object you're generating the track with.

Twirl Axis can be changed if you wish to experiment with different styles of generation technique. Twirl Axis denotes the object's own axis around which it should twist around (though this is not the same for all objects). By default, it's set to Y. You can experiment with this setting to get interesting results, it can even be used to make nice decoration. Sometimes the results will be really weird, but I left it like this on purpose. Also, using a different twirl axis will change the distance between the objects. Use the spacing modifier to influence this.

Spacing Modifier allows you to change the distance between the objects in the loop or wallride. Setting it to 0.5 will make the distance between the objects half the original, while setting it to 2 will double the distance.

4.3. Editing tools

Mass Object Mover

If you want to move your whole map to a different place, this is the tool for the job. You can easily move all objects in your map by specified coordinates.

WARNING! It's VERY IMPORTANT that you save and then re-open the map before using this (you must not move any objects after that). Because of the way editor works, not all objects will be moved if you don't perform this step. It's also recommended that you take a backup of your map before using this.

Batch undo & redo

A simple tool, if you wish to spam the undo or redo button in the editor a bit. Enter the amount of times the button should be pressed, then click the corresponding button. Simple.

4.4. Testing tools

Record & Play

This tool will record your movement when you press 'I'. You can then play back the recorded movement by hitting 'O'. A very useful script if you wish to test your map for jumps.

You can also select the "recording quality". The higher the quality, the smoother line you'll get, but it will also take more processing power to draw everything. Usually you shouldn't have problems running it on "High", but if you have a very weak PC, you might want to consider using "Low" quality.


During a test, you can press 'J' to save a warp spot. You can then press 'K' to load that warp spot. It will save your position, rotation, speed and nitro. You can use this to test a section of the map over and over again. Additionally, you can load someone else's warp spot by using the command '/lw <player name>'

4.5. Scripting tools

ActionScript manager

ActionScript is a scripting system developed for use with Editor Tools. If you are familiar with Puma markers, you know what sorts of "scripts" you can create. It's not as simple to use as just dragging a marker into your map, but has more customization available. All scripting is done through the GUI interface, and it requires no coding knowledge.

Before you can start working with ActionScript, you will need to make sure that your map is loaded within the system (as you can see on the picture above, my map is currently loaded).
The map won't be loaded automatically when you start the map. Instead, you need to either open it in editor, or use "save as". Doing so will allow the system to detect the map and load it.

ActionScript is a chapter for itself, and there's just not enough room here to write everything. A more detailed guide will be coming soon.

5. Changelog

Added automatic updater
Resource now needs ACL rights (see instructions for more details)

First public release


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[TOOL] NeXTreme's Editor Tools - V1.10
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