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 [TOOL] Arezu's mapping tool

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PostSubject: [TOOL] Arezu's mapping tool   Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:06 am

Originally Posted By -|TG|-Syntex

Hi guys, we decided to release the toolbox due to a lot of requests and the fact that it was already spreading. We were waiting for someone to make a tutorial to show people how to use the toolbox, Rafinha will be doing this, but for now you will have to rely on the info I write here or the preview videos.

I will do a quick guide as to how to use the toolbox

The toolbox itself:

Loops: Self-explainatory
Radius: Size of the loop(not based on the amount of objects, like Bauss')
Objects: Calculates the size of the objects and caculates how many objects should be used based on the radius, turn Autocount off if you want to do this manually(if the object has a bounding box etc., this can be useful)
Objects AMOUNT x NUMBER: This will not change the radius, say you choose 2 while using shades, it will look like this:

Offset: Self-explainatory

You should figure this out on your own, but this function is done AFTER the loop/wallride/etc. has been created. So generate it before using this.

How to use the arrows:
GREEN - Middle mouse button
RED - Left mouse button

DOWNLOAD: mediafire.com ?4uwij499bnardjt
^ Updated version.



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[TOOL] Arezu's mapping tool
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